My life consists mostly of adventure and creativity. If I’m not following my wanderlust and exploring the great outdoors, I am likely busy creating something. Sometimes I am doing both. It usually doesn’t matter what or how I am creating- I am not dedicated to one particular trade. I just have a bad case of… Creatorfesteria. Ok, totally a made up word, but I will define it as:

Creatorfesteria (/krē.āt.ərfest.tār’ia/), Noun: 1. An insatiable need to create and be creative in all aspects of life. See also, n. Creatorfesterian: one who has ‘creatorfesteria’.

Sometimes being one affected with Creatorfesteria means getting your hands dirty and getting out the power tools (actual or metaphorical). Sometimes, it means having the delicate, refined patience and hand necessary to paint each downy barb of a feather. Enter the birth and concept of Cedar & Silk.

Cedar & Silk is one part strength and one part beauty. It is utilitarian and luxurious; unrefined and ultra-fine. It is rooted in the idea that the best things in life derive from both parts of this formula. Cedar is the ability to go out on a limb- as an artist, a crafter, a chef, a builder, or an explorer – in order to reach your goal. Silk is the ability to obtain beauty, clarity, enlightenment, or bliss along the way.

Cedar & Silk also a reminder that creativity often means looking beyond what is expected or obvious. Sometimes Cedar is hearty and strong, as the framework in a structure, or a steadfast forest; other times it is the small kindling that starts a warming campfire, or sweet smelling bedding for a loved pet. And although silk often alludes to soft, liquescent ribbons or fabric, it is also the half-mile long, protective, protein-fiber cocoon for silkworms on their metamorphic journey into a moth, and the capturing strands of a spider’s web- with a tensile strength greater than steel.

So, to all of you Creatorfesterians out there: here are my curated endeavors, inspirations, ideas, recipes, tips, and other musings that combine both the Cedar and the Silk of life. Enjoy!